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Hair cut


Hair type is something you are born with, and is determined by genes. However, it continues to change due to the lifestyle, hormone balance, and aging.
Approximately 90% of the Japanese population have naturally wavy hair.
At our salon, we take into consideration your head frame, hair condition, life style etc. to create a style that suits you the best. We use specialized cutting techniques to adjust the hair flow to enhance softness, lightness, and texture. We are dedicated to provide you with styling and maintenance ideas that let your style last for a long time.
We not only hope to create good styles, but to take the best essence out of you through our services.

Unruly wavy hair is easy to dehydrate. Giving nutrients and oil will help hair stay under control. It is highly advisable to try our super-shine treatment (lame lame treatment) or use appropriate hair treatment products at home.

Henna and natural plant color dye

Hair dye by using a variety of plant-based powders and henna.
Be careful of 'henna' products in the market that include harmful diamine.
At our salon, we dye gray hair while keeping the scalp and hair protected with as natural and safe ingredients available as possible.

100% natural henna color used to be only available in orange, but now formulated with natural plant-based powders such as Henna, Indigofera tinctoria leaf, Curcume Longa, Rhyllanthus emblica fruit powder, Hydrolized soy protein, it is possible to enjoy a rich color variation. Enriched with hydrolyzed collagen.

Gray hair color options: Yellow-brown, orange-brown, brown, blue.
Dark hair color options: No change in color. (Dark color will add shine to your original hair color.)

Henna will create a pseudo cuticle called lawsonia film.
Hair is increasingly shinier and healthier after each treatment.
Long-lasting color.
If more than 20% of your hair is gray, it is recommended to get a treatment every two months or less.
Henna also has a detox effect! !

Notes on henna treatment
The treatment is done with natural ingredients. It may not be effective if hair is previously treated with any coating agents. Generic shampoo and conditioner in the market (300 - 1500 yen price range) has a large amount of coating agents.Kindly note that if you are using such hair products, we will not be able to achieve the desired result.


If you wish to get a treatment as well as a consultation on shampoo and other natural hair products, let us know, and we will be happy to help!


Permanent Wave

Acid perm: Creates waves with agents such as lactone thiol and cysteamine. The acid ph does not damage the hair. The result is a soft texture and long lasting perm. Highly recommended.

*This is a very gentle treatment. Depending on the hair type or daily hair products used, the treatment may not be as effective.


Super-shine treatment (lame lame treatment)

Well-hydrated shiny hair is made possible by letting the three protein-base liquid permiate into the core. Your hair will appreciate this super-gourmet menu treatment!

Scalp treatment

A full cleansing of scalp for turn of the seasons
Treat your scalp while enjoying a scent of natural aroma oil. Volume-Up. Specially blended from lavender, mint, lemongrass, ylang-ylang, grapefruit, or rosemary.

Perfect for those who are always on the run, or stressed from work. Relax your scalp and body, while getting your hair treated.